*Perform These 5 Yoga Poses To Soothe Leg Cramps


    We’ve all gone through those terrible bouts of pain, which originate in our calves or feet and can happen any time—in the midst of a run, a gym session or even during a peaceful night sleep.

    Muscle cramps, or muscle spasms, can arise from a narrowed blood vessel, excessive pulling of the muscles during strenuous physical activities, anti-hypertensive medications, and even hypothyroidism.

    They are often extremely painful, incapacitating and can hamper your regular activities. Medical experts say that there are certain important physiological triggers for muscle cramps, especially the ones that affect your legs. A common trigger is calcium deficiency, which is prevalent in one third of the American population. Similarly, dehydration which is often coupled with an imbalance in potassium, magnesium and sodium, can also give you painful cramps.

    However, managing leg cramps can be easy, particularly with yoga. Yoga poses can gently stretch the muscles and quieten the nervous system, which can often be the prime reason behind cramps.

    Here are five yoga poses you should practice to soothe those muscles and get rid of cramps.

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