At this point you are gaining about 1 lb per week, and your belly is rapidly ballooning.
The amount of milk your breasts produce depends on a number of factors. Is your cup size one of them? Read on to find out
During the second trimester, your belly would have felt tight and higher, whereas in this trimester it will drop down quite low, and you can lift your belly up and down.
You’ve entered the second trimester of your pregnancy and find yourself tired and moody due to the various hormonal changes.
Read on to know more about what happens to your body and your baby's development at 27 weeks.
If you haven’t yet had time to take a vacation, even for just a few days, now is an excellent time before you head into the third trimester.
Ultrasound genetic testing is correct about 80-90 percent of the time. The technician examines the unborn baby’s body parts to figure out the sex.
The actress seems to have pulled out all the stops to showcase body tone that any women (post-pregnancy or not) would kill to have.
At two weeks pregnant, you are still preconception. You may experience a few symptoms of ovulation.
Here are the changes that occur in the second month of pregnancy.You might feel different and have different tastes and strange reactions to familiar things. The nausea and fatigue might be discouraging.