almond oil skincare

With multiple cosmetic, therapeutic and medicinal properties, almond oil is a great elixir for your diet, skin, and hair too, so consider using it as a core ingredient in your food and beauty recipes.

It is a natural emollient that locks moisture in, and with prolonged use, proves to be far more beneficial than body lotion when it comes to taking care of your skin. The high vitamin E content works particularly well for aging skin that’s lost its elasticity, feels dry, and is beginning to wrinkle.

Yet another benefit of almond oil is its anti-inflammatory properties that are gentle on blemish-prone skin and various forms of dermatitis. To treat age-related over-drying, crow’s feet, dullness of complexion, and sleep and laugh lines, try some homemade anti-aging remedies that will fill in the cracks.

Almond Oil Face Mask: Mix 1tbsp almond oil with a dash of fresh lemon juice and 1tsp honey. Leave it on for a half hour and then wash with warm water. Apply the mask to a clean face, first thing every morning.

Almond Oil Scrub: Mix 1tbsp almond oil with a pinch of turmeric powder, saffron powder, and fine salt. Apply gently in circular motions, as you would a normal face scrub. Wash with warm water. You can use rose water if you have sensitive, inflammation-prone skin.

Almond Oil Makeup Remover: Its chemical make-up is similar to the sebum inherently produced by our skin, which is why it makes for a great makeup remover for the face—including the under eye area. Soak a cotton ball with almond oil and wipe clean.

Make note that almond oil also makes for an excellent remedy to treat unsightly dark circles, and spider and varicose veins as it has antioxidants and sclerosant properties. Just lightly dabbing the under eye area with a few drops before going to bed can lighten the under-eye area, whereas daily massages with almond oil can reduce the appearance of spider and varicose veins.

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