Slow Down The Signs Of Aging With These 5 Herbs

According to alternative health guru Dr. Joseph Mercola, all you need is one teaspoon of these herbs every day, to knock years off your face.

Not only do they just prevent fine lines and wrinkles, but including herbs in your diet can also treat new-age lifestyle diseases, indigestion, cardiac ailments, and the likes. Here’s how they work their magic.


This oriental herb is the perfect ingredient to clear the arteries of impurities and improve blood circulation. It is the antioxidants in ginseng which are your weapon to fight molecules that damage the cells.


If you have a skin infection, battle it with oregano. The herb fights free radicals and treats damaged skin with rosmarinic acid, a very powerful antioxidant. This agent contains anti-fungal properties too.


This popular herb needs to jump off the plate of Italian dishes and into your everyday diet as well. It goes a long way in preventing the signs of aging, has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, and keeps a check on free radicals that have an aging effect on your appearance.


Inflammation contributes to aging lines and patchy skin, and sage is one of the best herbs to burst this bubble. Sage filters the arteries and promotes healthy blood circulation through the body, which leaves you with plump, flawless skin.


This herb reduces skin inflammation and also has anti-bacterial properties that are great for treating acne of all kind. Thyme targets puffiness, just as well as it does facial scars.

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