So here's the thing. Almost every other day, there's a new ingredient that's trending in skincare, and each one seems to boast of a premium price tag, because of its so called 'magical' properties. It's funny how such a hefty premium is...
Mostly known for its skin and hair benefits, castor oil has more therapeutic advantages that many of us are aware of. Here are five such uses.
With the holidays on the horizon, hearty meals are bound to lead to tighter pants, gravy stains, excess sugar consumption, even uncontrollable gluttony. Instead of feeling guilt-ridden, we suggest you load up on these common ingredients that are actually very good...
When celebrity skincare products seem too taxing on one's pockets, your best bet is to make your own. Here's how you can seek inspiration from Kate.
Stacked along my bedside is the trifecta that jumps out of my beauty diaries. From mommy hacks to legit anti-aging solutions, I feel like quite a pro, dare I say.
If we’re going to convince you to leave that last glassful of vino and put it to better use, we’re going to have to make a good case for it. Well, here goes nothing.
Use this fix once a week, in order to minimize the appearance of crow's feet and smile from ear to ear, as and when you please.
So what's our beef with this organic ingredient? Well, nothing really. It's just a little bizarre for our liking. However, those who have used it, love it.
This class promises to tone your face muscles, contour that double chin, and give you radiant and youthful looking skin.
While we help you whip up this beauty recipe, remember to supplement it with a good night's rest and drink plenty of water.