Are You Making These Haircare Mistakes That Are Secretly Damaging Your Hair?

We all want to boast smooth, luscious locks as we strut down the street with our friends. But as you lather the most expensive shampoo on your hair, the way you massage your scalp and condition afterward is all contributing to your hair health.

While that shampoo might be giving you the best smelling hair out there, are you sure you are taking care of your hair in the right way?

If your hair has been experiencing more than one bad hair day lately, it might be time to take a look at your routine behind the mirror.

Haircare Mistakes That Secretly Damage Your Hair

It’s OK to be guilty of making the following mistakes, we’ve all been there. Now’s the time to take the chance and correct these mistakes before your hair health takes a serious hit.

Mistake No. 1: Always tying your hair in a ponytail

Keeping your hair constantly tied in a ponytail can cause breakage, especially if you have colored or highlighted hair. This breakage is seen on your crown region from being pulled too tight, all the time.

Try to switch out your tight hair ties to some softer and looser ponytail holders and avoid keeping your hair tied too tight too often.

Mistake No. 2: Only brushing your ends

While you’re not supposed to go overboard with your brushing habits, you need to brush your scalp in order to massage your scalp and spread your scalp’s natural oils all around. Therefore, brushing only your tips is not doing you any favors.

Opt to invest in a wooden brush to increase circulation and boost hair growth as you brush from your roots to your ends.

Mistake No. 3: Towel drying too rough

As you step out of the shower, avoid towel drying your hair too hard. If you treat the scalp harshly, you can cause dryness, frizz and breakage of your hair.

To fix this issue, pat dry your hair gently and use your fingers to shake out the strands. Allow your hair to dry naturally, even if it takes longer to dry in the process. Trust us, your hair will look healthier as time passes.

Mistake No. 4: Not brushing your hair before you shower

Stop making the mistake of forgetting to brush your hair before you wash it. As you get your hair wet, your hair is in its most fragile state and trying to detangle it in the shower will only lead to breakage.

Use your hairbrush or a comb to take out all the tangles when your hair is dry. It might be a good idea to invest in a brush designed for wet hair to use after your showers too.

Mistake No. 5: Never changing up your shampoo

Just like how our bodies adapt to exercise, our hair adapts to our shampoo and therefore, leads to dullness and dryness.

We know it’s easy to be attached to the wonderful smell of certain shampoos, but if you want shiny, smooth locks, switching up your shampoos every now and then will help you boost healthy and strong hair in the long run.

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