Dangerous DIY Beauty Hacks: Short Cuts to Avoid

When it comes to our beauty routine, we’ll do almost anything to enhance the way we look. Even if it means us jeopardizing our healthy skin to get the perfect contour. While these hacks may seem to help pull off your desired look, many don’t realize that some of these beauty hacks can be doing you more damage than good.

With hundreds of beauty ideas coming from bloggers who don’t have a degree in dermatology, it’s essential that you take social media beauty advice with a grain of salt.

To prevent any unwanted rashes, scarring, and even burns the following beauty hacks are definitely dangerous for your skin, so stay away!

5 Beauty Hacks to Avoid

Although these following beauty hacks may seem like a viable solution to reaching your desired results, they can be extremely harmful to your skin. From deodorant to Elmer’s glue here’s a list of beauty hacks you shouldn’t dare to try.

1. Using a Sharpie for Eyeliner

Yes, we understand the need for permanent makeup but using a sharpie to pull off this look is a little excessive. You should never put this felt-tipped pen near your eyes. While it may give you the bold look you are going for, the smell of the pen alone can burn and irritate your eyes. So just leave the sharpie for your paper.

2. Replacing Your Primer for Deodorant

Deodorant is supposed to be used for your underarms, we all know this. While some beauty bloggers claim it works wonders, deodorants contain heavy metals like aluminum and heavy fragrances that can irritate your skin. Antiperspirant isn’t a good alternative either, it’s sole purpose is to clog your pores with aluminum to prevent sweating. Imagine what that would do to your face?

3. Setting Your Makeup With Hairspray

Many beauty bloggers have recommended using hairspray to keep your makeup in place, but this is the worst thing you can do to your face. The alcohols and lacquers present in hairspray can irritate and dry your skin while causing red bumps to pop up all over your face. Remeber, if it’s not meant to be used on your face then you probably shouldn’t use it for your face.

4. Using Elmer’s Glue As a Face Mask

This might not sound like a bad idea, but we are here to reassure you that it is. While Elmer’s glue isn’t toxic it can clog up your pores and cause the same acne that you are trying to get rid of. Plus it hurts when you’re trying to take it off! Yes, beauty is pain but not like that’s a little too much.

5. Applying Toothpaste To Get Rid of Pimples

Almost everyone has fallen victim to using a little Colgate to get rid of those stubborn pimples. But this comes as a surprise to know that toothpaste is full of irritating like peroxide, peppermint, alcohol, and fragrances. This combination of ingredients is a cocktail of disaster for your complexion that will result in burning, peeling, and redness. Although it might get rid of a pimple, it will destroy the skin around it.

If It’s Not Meant For Your Face – Don’t Use Them For Your Face

Simply put, if you’re using something on your face that isn’t meant for your face; then that’s not really a good idea. The previously mentioned beauty hacks might appear to work for you but under the surface can cause more harm than you realize. Our suggestion to you is to utilize natural remedies that can benefit and nurture your skin. They’re organic and great for your skin, plus you won’t have to worry about irritating your skin but make sure you do your research before you do.

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