Face Masks: Celeb Go-Tos For The Oscars (& Some Natural Alternatives)

The award season warrants some special care for the skin and, of course, a diet and workout routine to complement your inherent glow with a svelte physique.

While we’ve already given the low-down on the latter courtesy celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, we also scooped up some skincare favorites of the A-listers.

From Anne Hathaway to Amal Clooney, here’s what gives the leading ladies their paparazzi-ready face, and some natural at-home remedies that will help you achieve the same results.

1Amal Clooney

This successful lawyer can get ready for the red carpet in 10 minutes. She relies on a clay mask to erase fine lines, make the skin soft, and have a glowing complexion in a matter of minutes. You could alternately consider trying out this all-natural French clay mask for hydrated and blemish-free skin.

2Anne Hathaway

She swears by the Lancome Nutrix Royal Intense Lipid Repair Cream for flawless skin. A natural alternative would be a banana pack that will restore the elasticity in your skin and prevents aging lines. Bananas help repair skin cells and provide hydration for an instant plumping effect.

3Keira Knightley

She attributes her gorgeous complexion to the Juara Avocado Banana Moisture Mask. It is a rich mixture that combines two very potent skincare ingredients. Here’s another avocado mask you could consider including in your weekly beauty routine.

4Lea Michele

The Glee actress preps her skin a day before a mega-event with the Talika Bio Enzymes Mask. A natural hydrating solution would be the banana and egg yolk face mask that will de-stress your skin and take care of dark circles and inflammation.

5Maggie Gyllenhaal

This Golden Globe-nominated actress uses the Orlane Mask to wipe clean signs of jet-lag and stress. A natural alternative would be this almond and blueberry face mask. The antioxidants help renew the skin cells, while vitamin E from the almonds induce natural production of collagen.