Clarisea Skincare Product Review

As their mission statement suggests, “We all want clear skin,” clariSEA couldn’t be more right. clariSEA Skincare is a natural skincare company that carefully formulates their products with organic ingredients that are both gentle and effective at making sure we have the clear skin we all long for.

For a little background information, their story starts back in Spring Lake, New Jersey, where Alison, the creator, used to bring home buckets filled with ocean water because she, like many of us, needed to find a solution to her acne and sensitive skin issues. Luckily for us, she took a trip to the beach and found out that the sea salt content in the water provided a simple and effective solution to help treat her difficult skin issues.

Now, these products have found their way into our hands as they sent us a few of their products to try and see if we would have the same luck that she did.

1Ocean Saltwater Clear Skin Cleanser

clariSEA’s facial cleanser was one of the first products we tried. The first thing we noticed was its delicate scent that smelled just like rosewater. Free of synthetic fragrances, dyes or additives, this facial cleanser is extremely gentle and soothing to the touch. Formulated with aloe vera, rosewater, sea salt and honeysuckle extract, this face wash deeply cleanses the skin and targets breakouts without drying out the skin.

2Brighten Exfoliate Detox Jelly Mask

We particularly love this mask because it contains activated charcoal, which helps detoxify and clear the skin. It has a jelly-like consistency that covers the skin effortlessly and contains oats, which have an exfoliating action that sloughs away dead skin. The turmeric in this mask brightens skin complexion and makes it perfect for applying right before bed.

3Daily Glow Clarifying Rose Toner

Nothing says clear skin like a facial toner that helps cleanses the pores while restoring the skin’s pH levels. Made with organic rosewater, aloe vera and witch hazel, this product reduces redness while balances uneven skin tones and patchy skin.

4Pretty Skin Vitamin A + C Oil Serum & Boost

This serum is our favorite product because it really does what the label suggests — giving us pretty skin. Created with ingredients like orange peel extract, safflower oil, rosehip oil, grapeseed and evening primrose oil, clariSEA created a thick serum that promotes a healthy glow. It can be used in conjunction with your favorite moisturizer or by itself. We apply it every night before bed and before we start our day.

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