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It’s no secret that ColourPop has become a cult favorite among beauty and skin-care enthusiasts. Loved by bloggers and beauty enthusiasts around the world, ColourPop is a coveted brand for affordable yet effective cosmetics.

ColourPop fans, you will be excited to learn that this affordable brand is getting an equally affordable sister brand offering clean and natural skin-care that is effective and works on all skin types.

Seed Beauty, ColourPop’s parent company, is set to launch Fourth Ray Beauty, a skin-care line of eco-friendly, clean and natural products that will boost overall skin health without breaking the bank.

The California-based range was founded by siblings Laura and John Nelson with a wellness-inspired approach to beauty.

100-percent cruelty-free, completely vegan and free of any parabens, gluten, phthalates and synthetic fragrances, Fourth Ray Kind is also dermatologist-tested.

The line will feature five skin-care products that include the BFD Cleansing Oil ($14) that is rich in antioxidants, an AM to the PM Gel Cleanser ($12), the Keep Clear Clarifying Tonic ($10), a light moisturizer called The Lightweight Hydrator ($12) and the Later Hater Spot Treatment ($12).

Looks like they’ve thought of everything for a perfect new skin-care routine that is good for you!

Fourth Ray Kind’s product range doesn’t just stop there, the company will also offer self-care products such as a rose quartz roller, cleansing cloths, scrunchies and some fun cat-eared headbands to spice up any outfit.

Fourth Ray Kind is set to launch on Thursday, August 23, with the collection available on their website Sign up for their alerts to keep you up to date and get ready to switch up your skin-care routine for the better.

The brand name Fourth Ray Kind is inspired by the fourth ray of light within a rainbow that represents “beauty and harmony, purity, wholeness and integration.”

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