In most people, the body naturally sheds old skin cells and generates new ones every month. In psoriasis patients, new skin cells are generated daily, causing the old cells to form patches layered over the skin that flakes off. Caused by this abnormal rate of skin growth, psoriasis brings with it, patchy, flaky skin lesions that can cause great discomfort.

What’s worse is that in milder cases, scalp psoriasis resembles excessive dandruff in terms of appearance, and often goes undiagnosed. Given that the area is covered with hair, it is twice as difficult to effectively treat the surface.

Well, that’s why one must rely on essential oils. Psoriasis, as a condition, is more than just skin deep, and oils are the only solutions that can reach the far depths of its rooted existence.

That said, there are a few things one must keep in mind while massaging the scalp to treat psoriasis:

  • Be gentle; excessive stimulation and friction will further irritate the lesions and cause them to flare-up.
  • Employ light-handed motions using just the fingertips. This is a nail-free zone.
  • Long strokes that mimic a kneading motion will do the trick. You need to encourage the absorption of the oil without irritating the scalp.
  • Don’t let the oil fester and collect dirt. About two hours for application and absorption are enough, after which you can rinse it out.
  • Pick oils that are non-greasy and get easily absorbed by the skin.

Here’s an at-home oiling solution that’s simple and effective.


Directions: In a bowl, mix all the ingredients until they come together. Apply the solution to your scalp, keeping in mind the above dos and don’ts list. Leave it on for 60 minutes, stay put and don’t take up an engaging physical activity; you want to prevent perspiration. Rinse and shampoo with cold water (or at least keep it room temperature).

PS: Use medicated bathing products (soaps, shampoos, conditioners) formulated specifically to treat psoriasis.

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