Benefits of Rose Petal Jam

Everyone likes flowers, especially roses. Coined the “King of Flowers, ” roses have been used to convey an array of emotions such as love, joy, sorrow, grief, and so much more. Besides serving as a token of appreciation, roses have a plethora of medicinal benefits. Which is why they’re used in eastern medicine in the form of Gulkand or Rose Petal Jam. Gulkand has a surplus of health benefits, ranging from aiding constipation in expecting mothers & children to eliminating foul body odor. Proving the uses of roses are not to just look pretty but to make you feel pretty from the inside out.

What is Gulkand?

Gulkand or Rose petal jam is a sweet preserve made from rose petals and sugar. It is believed to be from ancient Indo-Persia territory and was originated around 900 B.C. The word Gulkand is derived from the words; Gul meaning flower in Persia and Kand or Qand meaning flower in Arabic. So, Gulkand simply means  “sweet flower.” All healing properties of Gulkand are attributed to its Rose Petals. Almost all varieties of roses used for making Gulkand have similar therapeutic actions, so there is no particular preference.

Health Benefits of Gulkand

Most commonly known as a natural coolant, Gulkand has a cooling effect on the body. In addition to this it has a plethora of other wonderful benefits for your health and over well-being including:

  1. Improves memory & eyesight: According to a study conducted by the Journal of Neuroscience Research suggests roses serve as a promising treatment for mild memory impairments and Alzheimer’s Disease. Roses also contain powerful antioxidants which help improve eyesight with consistent use.
  2. Relieves menstrually related issues: Eating gulkand helps in relieving bad menstrual cramps and pain. It also cures excessive white discharge problems, leucorrhea, and heavy menstruation.
  3. Excellent skin tonic: Gulkand is great for your skin. Containing an immense amount of vitamin C, roses can help protect skin cells from damage, such as from staying out in the sun too long. Gulkand also removes toxins from the body and purifies your blood, preventing various skin problems like blackheads, acne, pimples, and rashes.
  4. Relieves stress: Gulkand not only is a coolant but also has the potential to calm nerves by protecting your nervous system. It reduces stress in the body and consequently, calms your nervous system.
  5. Aids in digestion: Take one or two teaspoons of gulkand daily to reduce stomach heat and acidity. It also helps in improve your appetite and enhance digestion to keep you free of any irritation in the stomach lining.

Along with the previously mentioned benefits, rose petal jam is also good for improving energy, regulating your metabolism and relieving heartburn. Which makes it more a better reason to make your own gulkand. Because we love you so much we’re going to show you how to prepare gulkand from the comforts of your own home.

How To Make Your Very Own Gulkand

Things you will need: 

  • Glass Jar
  • Rose petals  (more the merrier)
  • Granulated sugar
  • Cardamom seeds (optional)


  1. Make sure your rose petals are clean and free of insects. Separate them, wash well and dry them.
  2. Arrange a layer of rose petals, top it with a layer of granulated sugar. Keep alternating till the jar is full.
  3. Close the lid tightly and keep it in the sun for up to 7 hours per day for about 4 weeks.
  4. Every alternate day, mix the ingredients together with a wooden spoon.
  5. At the end of 4 weeks, your Gulkand will be ready and will have a jam-like consistency.

Instead of giving your loved one flowers to show how much you love them, try giving them a jar of Gulkand. Not only will it show your affection, it will also show how much you care about their health and well-being. Gulkand has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and relaxing properties that are sure to improve your overall welfare from the inside out. Anyone can benefit from the wonders of gulkandhowever, diabetics should consult their primary physician before taking it as it contains a lot of sugar.


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As a true philanthropist, Paris cares about everyone she interacts with. She believes people perish from a lack of knowledge, by studying herbs and ancient remedies she feels as if she can provide the knowledge of our ancient ancestors to help us live a long and fulfilling life.