From drawing out of the lip line to using stains and tints for that perfect pout, there’s really nothing you won’t try to have kissable lips, particularly on Valentine’s Day.

It could be for your partner, the cute guy across the bar, or that selfie you will Instagram, Facebook, Tweet and flood social media with—either way, here are some homemade solutions that will have a plumping effect on your lips, just the way you like it.

Chocolate-Cocoa Butter Lip Balm: Melt 3tbsp cocoa butter in the microwave. Add 3-4 chocolate chips and stir until they melt too. Microwave the mixture again for a few seconds. Add one vitamin E capsule and 1/4tsp almond oil. Stir well to keep from clumping. Apply and get ready for some extra kisses.


Beetroot Lip Balm: Break open 2 capsules of powdered beet root and place them in a mixing bowl. Heat 1tbsp beeswax and 1/2tsp cocoa butter until they are soft or melt. Combine the liquid with the beet powder, then pour into a jar and allow to cool. Once it’s back to temperature, use the mix on your lips and cheek bones for that perfect stain and illusion of plumpness.

Lemon-Honey Lip Balm: Take equal parts of honey and lemon juice, mix well and apply it to your lips for an hour; then rinse. This DIY is an anti-tanning solution that will also moisturize your lips in the process.

That said, isn’t it simple to whip up your own lip balm that is natural, chemical-free and tastes good too? So until next time, smack, pout and out, ladies!

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