Fall is synonymous with pumpkin spice, especially because of the wildly popular pumpkin spice lattes served in cafes all around the nation. The pumpkin spice mix is a combination of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and ginger and is used in both savory and sweet recipes. It is a popular flavoring in pies and coffee, on nuts and popcorn, in pasta dishes and more. But, have you considered using it to create crafts that can keep the fall fragrance in the air throughout the season?

1. Fragrant Bath Bombs

With simple ingredients like baking soda, spices, citric acid and olive oil, these fragrant bath bombs will be perfect holiday gifts for your friends and family. You could, of course, use them in your own bath to relax after a tough week.

2. Bath Salts

Try tossing your regular Epsom salts with some pumpkin spice oil and natural food coloring for vibrant bath salts that can make your warm bath more fragrant and soothing.

3. Moisturizing Soap

Continuing with the bath theme, have you tried pumpkin spice soap? Well, you have now and you could make some to use or gift to friends and family. These DIY soaps may be better for your skin as they contain mild ingredients like shea butter or olive oil.

4. Pumpkin Lotion

Many of us suffer from dry skin during the colder months of fall and winter, and while there are numerous products available to soothe dry skin, you could try making your own lotion, specially spiced with cloves, ginger, nutmeg and other spices.

5. Pie Facial

Everyone enjoys a good facial, especially if it can be done right at home. Enjoy a DIY facial with a mask made of pumpkin puree and spices mixed with other natural ingredients to get a special fall glow.

6. Spiced Face-Scrub

Face scrubs are good for exfoliating the skin, opening up the pores, improving circulation and providing smooth, glowing skin. And nothing can beat natural, home-made scrubs like the fragrant pumpkin spice scrub that combines brown sugar, granulated sugar, oil and spices.

7. Pumpkin Spice Slime

Kids love playing with slime, so get creative and make orange colored slime that will not only look cool but will also smell like fall.

8. Pumpkin Playdough

With all-natural ingredients like coconut oil, flour, natural coloring agents like turmeric and pumpkin spice, this playdough will be perfect for creating fall masterpieces.

9. Fall Candles

If you are into candle making or have been wanting to try your hand at it, start by making wonderful fall candles that smell like pumpkin spice and everything nice.

10. Spiced Whiskey

Why should kids have all the fun this fall with all the candy and exciting Halloween costumes? Make some spiced whiskey for yourself and your friends to relish on a crisp fall evening.


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