As much as you’re going to enjoy putting on that costume and makeup on Halloween, come Sunday and your skin won’t feel so great; it’s almost like you aged overnight. That’s the reason why we’ve taught you how to tread with caution when sourcing prosthetics, face paint and fake blood this holiday season.

That said, there is one step you must include in your beauty routine in order to safeguard your skin.

Makeup Removers!
Given that you’re lapping up layers of costume makeup which has unregulated ingredients and can be quite toxic for the skin, not to mention, a pain to take off, you’re going to need an industrial strength remover. It should get every last bit of makeup out, and nourish your skin at the same time.

Face Paint Remover: Most face paint or body paint is greasy as it is oil-based. You need oil to remove oil—coconut or jojoba will do the trick. Either of the two can be used to soak up a cotton ball and wipe out the makeup in long, clean sweeps. For stubborn areas like the eyes and corners of the nose, hold the wipe down for 5-10 seconds so that it dissolves the underlying makeup; then, sweep.

Body Glue: Usually the glue will just peel off. To tackle the residue, use baby oil. If you’ve extensively used glue, you  have no choice but to break it down with an alcohol-soaked wipe. That said, alcohol works as an antibacterial astringent, so it’s not a bad idea. Just be sure to moisturize with a hydrating lotion or essential oil afterwards.

Liquid Latex: All you really need is soap and water to strip off the latex. Hop in the tub for a soak or just take a shower.

If color and dye stains persist, apply a paste of baking soda and water—it should do the trick. On an end note,  if you notice any new rashes, spots, or unusual lesions, see a dermatologist because you may be having an allergic reaction to the costume or makeup.

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