Ever since juicing took off as a weight loss trend to rid the body of toxins, folks have been exploring the various ways that they can reap the benefits of this brand new fad. Needless to say, it has transcended into the skincare space and does have many notable advantages, as long as you use the right ingredients.

That said, we urge you to take a step back and try some simplistic clarifying solutions that revel in the goodness of herbs, teas, spices and fruits. All organic, they’re as pure as can get, and will do your skin a world of good if you sip on a few servings every day.

Some Like It Hot (1 Cup, Every Morning)
Get yourself some green tea, a potent anti-oxidant. Now add these amazing herbs to it:

  • Red clover: Heals skin conditions such as inflammations, burns and wounds, and also combats the damage from free radicals that age the skin.
  • Yellow dock: Aids digestion, which helps keep the stomach clean and prevents breakouts.
  • Burdock: Helps maintain good kidney and liver health and aids in balancing blood sugar levels, which works on a circulatory level through purification.
  • Rose petals: A natural anti-tanning agent, it evens out your skin tone, tempers blemishes, exfoliates dead skin cells, and balances the sebum (oil) production.
  • Hibiscus flowers: Possess powerful anti-aging properties, locks in moisture, and clears out your complexion for an inherent glow.

Play It Cool (Up To 8 Glasses A Day)
Take one liter of water and add the following ingredients to it and steep:

  • Squeeze in one full lemon: Aids digestion
  • Slice up one Washington Apple: Contains vitamin c, clears skin, and possesses anti-aging properties.
  • Slice up a handful of fresh strawberries: A potent antioxidant.
  • Throw in 1tsp organic cinnamon powder: Helps maintain blood sugar levels and improves circulation.
  • Add in a fist full of fresh mint leaves: Great for the digestive system.
  • Throw in some ice to keep it fresh.

Juice for even tone complexion
A Fruity Punch (3-5 Glasses)
Take a gallon of water and add the following ingredients to it and steep for a minimum of two hours. Do not steep overnight as it will turn quite bitter:

  • Half a lemon, sliced up: Aids digestion.
  • Half a lime, sliced up: Cleanses the kidneys.
  • Half a grapefruit, sliced up: Cleanses the kidneys and enhances metabolic rate.
  • Some ginger to taste: Helps the digestive system.
  • One cup chopped cucumbers: Clears and cools the skin and reduces bloating.
  • A handful of peppermint leaves: Reduces cravings.
  • And of course, lots of ice!

Apart from these, the quintessential sweet and sour concoction of honey, lemon, ginger and warm water continues to rule the roost for its beauty (and weight loss) benefits, so feel free to give it a go as well.

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Nisha Gulati is a fitness expert and model originally hailing from New Jersey, USA. She is a certified Bikram Hot Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Instructor, health and fitness columnist for Hyderabad’s widely read B Positive Magazine, a trained Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Bhangra, and giddha dancer. She also has trained in Kalaripayattu a martial arts form in Kerala. Yoga has been a source of great discipline, inspiration and positivity for Nisha who has been teaching at studios in Mumbai India, Phuket Thailand, Marina Dubai and Vancouver Canada.