We never thought we’d say this, but boys, please, please do paint your nail (just one!). Multiple A-listers have been spotted on the circuit with orange, blue and green fingertips, and it is in support to end physical and sexual violence against children under the age of 18. Shockingly, one in five children are abused and 90 percent of the perpetrators are men. With a painted finger nail, you accept to join the league of male role models that are standing up against the abuse.

The Polished Man Campaign
Remember this name for it belongs to the movement initiated by YGAP’s CEO Elliot Costello, who heads an enterprise that raises funds to support entrepreneurs that improve lives of people living in poverty.

To truly understand the heartening backstory of the painted fingernail and its symbolism, watch this video:

The funds raised from the Polished Man campaign will go to the recovery and care for abused children, creating awareness, and providing education and healthcare. Celebrities like Tony Richardson (NFL player), Michael Klim (swimming champion), Andy Murphy (music producer & DJ), and actors Gyton Grantly, Alec Baldwin are proudly flaunting their polished nails.

Paint It Black & Put A Stop To Sexual Abuse
Over the years, men have often sported painted nails to align with the rock or goth culture. This time, do it to be the Polished Man. One painted nail symbolizes that one in five children experience things no one should ever experience. We urge you to take to social media with your colored talons, donate to the cause if you’re able and willing, or take your pick from their merchandise to lend support and create awareness.

The Polished Woman: Women can encourage the men in their family, and friends and colleagues, and champion the cause by posting: I prefer a #POLISHEDMAN

This is one trend that we’re in complete support of; paint your nails, won’t you?

Image Courtesy: YGAP/Polished Man/Instagram

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