In Kim’s Rude Awakenings on Z Living, you’ll meet Britain’s biggest housekeeping celebrity, Kim Woodburn, who attempts to overhaul the rudest, laziest, and messiest families in the UK. Avoid awaking to your own domestic disaster by following these simple tips by writer Meredith Grace. Find out when watch Kim’s Rude Awakenings on Z Living.

Moving into a new house or apartment can be daunting. Undoubtedly, something will go wrong, or you’ll reach a breaking point where you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of stress and cardboard boxes. As someone who has moved twice in the last three years, I’ve compiled some of the best tips and tricks that have made moving as easy as possible.

Hire movers with time to spare

Especially if you’re moving during peak season (think: beginning/end of the month, right before the start of the school year), movers will book up quickly. Once you know your move in date, start looking at reviews and calling for quotes from local moving companies. Don’t wait until the last minute!

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When you think you’re organized, organize more

Even if you think the people who over-label and color code every single box are crazy, they’re still far less likely than you are to end up crying because you can’t find the box with the sheets and spend your first night on a bare mattress. If the idea of organizing stresses you out too much, start off small by methodically packing one room at a time, keeping the boxes in the room where they belong. Then, once you decide how you want to break down the labeling/moving process, your boxes are already grouped together instead of in one giant disorganized mess.

Pack wisely

The internet is a goldmine of tips and tricks for just about anything, and that includes moving! You’ll find some great tips for packing that others have learned and shared with the world through the web. A few great examples:

  • Pack your plates with styrofoam or paper plates in between them.
  • Fill pots and pans with small kitchen items like spices, chip clips, and dried pantry goods.
  • Use Press’n Seal wrap to keep small items like jewelry or magnets in place.
  • Slide clothes on hangers into a garbage bag and tie the bag at the top of the hangers.


Don’t fight the purge

kims rude awakeningsBefore you even break out the boxes, separate your belongings into three categories: pack, donate, and trash. If they’re still in good condition, clothes, toys, and other household goods that you rarely use or have outgrown could really benefit a family in need. Anything with holes, cracks, or stains should be trashed and replaced. Finding it hard to let go? Think of the fun you’ll have shopping for a shiny new replacement piece (or two!).

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Pack a First Night Box

No one can predict how the day of the move will go. After a full day of hauling boxes and moving the entirety of your worldly possessions, the last thing you’ll want to do is to dig through seven different boxes to find the odds and ends you need for night one. Pack a set of sheets, towels, a few plates and utensils, and anything else you might need the first night. You’ll thank yourself for it later!


This might come across as common sense, but I’m not just talking using a sharpie to scrawl “Kitchen” on the top of a box. Label the box with the room it belongs in, the items it contains, and whether or not it’s fragile or needs to remain upright. Once you’ve followed these steps, write the same labeling on the sides of the box as well, so that it’s easy to identify boxes from any angle.

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Cut your waste

Traditional moving techniques with cardboard boxes produces a pretty substantial amount of waste, and on top of that breaking down dozens of boxes is the last thing you want to do after unloading all of their contents. Consider a greener option with box rental services like Rent a Green Box. These services provide more eco-friendly packing supplies and will come pick up the boxes when you’re done with them.

Unpack Smartly

Once everything is off the mover’s truck and into your new place, remember that unpacking is a marathon, not a sprint. That being said, set attainable goals to get yourself unpacked in a timely fashion. You won’t be happy living out of boxes two weeks after you’ve moved in to your new home. Be methodical about your unpacking; start with the rooms that you’ll need right away: your bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. Remember that everything needs a designated place, and if it doesn’t fit, it needs to go.

Whether you’re moving across town or halfway around the world, every situation requires planning ahead and staying organized amidst the chaos of changing homes. And when all else fails, keep an emergency wine bottle at the top of a nearby box for the unpredictable bumps in the road ahead. Good luck with your move!

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