7 Skincare Items You Must Have In Your Gym Bag

Did you know that you can develop fungal infections and skin rashes from a simple trip to the gym?

Given that the time-share on gym equipment is divided among hundreds of people, and everyone is at their sweatiest during a workout, we suggest you pack these gym bag essentials.

1Wet Wipes

They do the job of a face cleanser while acting as a moisturizer, too. You could keep them handy to wipe off your sweat, or even to clean the equipment, before and after you use the machines.


For your post-workout cleanse, invest in a gel formulation to kill the bacteria and impurities. Cleaning gels also prevent acne breakouts and blackhead buildups — both of which are commonplace when you are sweating profusely.


Excessive sweating leads to loss of essential minerals and vitamins, so load up on the moisturizer after a workout. It will re-hydrate your skin, trap the minerals and also act as a protective barrier against the harsh UVA and UVB rays if you get one with sunscreen protection.

4Face Mist

Your skin also experiences the loss of essential oils and water content, so a face mist is a great way to replenish the hydration. Indulge in a spray every four hours for smooth and plump skin all day.

5Dry Shampoo

A great save for gym goers, the miracle work of dry shampoo can have you heading straight to work from the gym without the greasy hair-do. It absorbs the oil and sweat and leaves your hair feeling clean and fresh.


Needless to say, a deodorant is the ultimate must-have in your gym bag. What you may not know is that if you’ve had an intensive workout, you continue to perspire at an accelerated rate until your body temperature finds its equilibrium.

Always pick a deodorant over an antiperspirant, as the latter interferes with the body’s natural cooling process.

7Powder Up

Talcum powder absorbs perspiration and prevents rashes and irritation of the skin. You could also consider medicated powder if you find redness, sores or chaffed skin lesions after your workout.

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Updated July 23, 2018

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