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Hair fall is our biggest hair woe. It is one of the most commonly talked about hair problems and is reason for enough stress and anxiety, which continues the cycle.

When nothing else works, or if you would like to control your hair fall problems the moment they take root, acupressure may have the answer.

Acupressure is an ancient form of alternate therapy that is gaining much popularity. Developed in Asia over 5000 years ago, it is a process in which you apply pressure to certain points in your body that are considered to be your lines of energy. While all acupressure techniques use the same pressure points, the degree of pressure applied varies depending on the requirement. In addition to applying pressure with fingers, the hands, arms, feet and legs are also used.

Acupressure for hair loss
Acupressure can effectively help prevent and treat hair fall issues. It stimulates the blood vessels in the scalp which clears energy in the center of the body. Acupressure helps improve the blood circulation to your face and scalp, flushes out toxins and helps remove dandruff and dead skin cells.

Stress is one of the biggest reasons of hair fall. Acupressure helps relax and calm you and can be an effective way to treat hair loss if the reason is stress. Massaging these points can soothe your nerves and release energy in your body, which helps you feel relaxed and less stressed. This effectively helps prevent hair loss.

Quick points to remember
While all the acupressure points are helpful in giving the desired result, using just a few is enough. It is important to drink enough warm water once the process is complete to ensure the toxins are cleared away from the body.

Top of the head or the paihui spot

  • You can easily massage this several times a day.
  • You can combine this massage with a full head massage
  • It helps invigorate the blood vessels in the scalp that aid in the growth of hair from the follicles

Finger nails or balayam

  • Curl your fingers inwards towards your palm
  • Bring your fingers together to touch the nail of the other fingers
  • Rub them fast for about 5 minutes at a stretch
  • Make sure you do not do this for your thumbs
  • It enables the roots of hair follicles to send the energy to the scalp to aid hair growth

Acupressure for hair fall – step by step guide

  • Gently tug at your hair to create a little pull at the roots; this will stimulate the nerves in your scalp. Do this throughout the hair to create a pull on the entire scalp
  • Locate the spot above your eyebrow on the scalp that is slightly softer than the rest of the scalp; this spot is also known as the Seat of Bliss.
  • Massage the spot lightly making circular strokes
  • Move out slowly to other parts on the scalp
  • Once you move out from the soft part you can apply more pressure
  • Locate the occipital ridge on your hairline just above your neck, where the muscles join the skull
  • Apply pressure and hold for some time; this is a very powerful point that will provide instant relaxation
  • From this point, draw a line with your finger towards the middle of the scalp
  • Apply light pressure throughout this line and move back down
  • Apply pressure to points along your hairline as you finish off the massage

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