You’d think that by now, you’d be tired of keeping up with the Kardashians, but somehow, they seem to make headlines, at least once every week. Be it for their fitness routines—Khloe flaunting her baby abs and Kourtney losing the baby weight yet again—or their beauty revelations (Kim’s 5-day hair wash rule, anyone?), the sisters definitely know how to get them tongues wagging.

The latest is a hairy tail, which comes close on the heels of Michelle Obama’s bald mane disaster on Jeopardy. It seems, Kim’s shift back to the dark side was prompted by the difficult and tedious upkeep of platinum blonde locks. It was not long before her black roots began to surface, so let’s all take about half a second to mourn the loss of her month long blonde ambition. This brings us to Khloe, who like her sister has gone for gold and was spotted flaunting her new color job recently.

We suspect she too, will soon go back to black like sister Kim soon enough. On that note, here’s a handy manual to help all you hair color lovers take better care of your tresses.

Image Courtesy: Instagram/Kim Kardashian; Khloe Kardashian

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