One white hair is enough to send you into a tizzy. But, hair color among Caucasians is extremely varied compared to Asians and Africans. From blonde to ginger to brunette, that’s one large spectrum to cover, and a whole lot of dramatic overreactions, should their be a gray strand sighting.

We discuss the gray matter and give you some basic facts about why your color producing pigments have given up on you:

Why So Gray?
While premature graying is mainly about genetics, certain medical conditions like vitiligo, alopecia, pernicious anemia, autoimmune thyroid disease and Down syndrome can contribute to the change in your hair color. Either way, there’s no reversing the damage, so don’t buy into products that claim to do so.

Stress & Graying
It was earlier believed that stress acts as a deterrent to melanin-producing cells, which could be the cause of premature graying. However, these claims have been quashed as the impact is not nearly significant enough to warrant a pigment change. Although, on the other hand, stress has been linked to hair loss and shedding.

Plucking The Grays
Yanking out that stray white won’t cause the grays to multiply; it’s not like your strands are mating and reproducing little gray ones. However, plucking your hair will not solve the problem as the root cause (the gray follicle) remains concealed in the scalp. Worse, you could land up damaging the follicle altogether and cause permanent hair loss—RIP little one.Hairfall

Color The Grays
By all means, please color your hair. It may need you to indulge in some extra TLC, but it certainly won’t be the cause of an accelerated rate of premature graying. Hair color, even when you apply it right from the root, does not seep into the follicles, which is where your inherent gray pigment is.

Sun Damage
Sure, you need to worry about UVA and UVB rays, but considering your skin is alive, you can attempt to reverse the damage through lotions and potions. On the other hand, your hair is made up of dead cells; they cannot restore or repair the melanin damage caused by over-exposure to the sun. However, this will not lead to whitening or graying, but merely cause a bleached effect and lighten your existing color.

With that, we’ve busted some myths about premature graying and are now handing you some Natural Solutions To Color Your Tresses. Have a good hair day!

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