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If a trend’s got a Wiki page within just seven days, you know it’s going viral. From bobby pins to curlers, or sleeping with braids at night, everyone’s looking for the perfect waves or loose curls that only seem to come out right with styling tools that use heat to manipulate the texture of your hair. But, these practices are time consuming, seriously damaging to the cuticles, and make the hair brittle. While this lady’s video tutorial to crunchy curls in 5 minutes was considered the coolest and simplest method yet, we now have hair plopping, a technique that’s guaranteed to provide you flowing ringlets, sans the heat.

To get on board with this hair styling trend, here’s what you need to do:

  • Take a soft towel, or even your boyfriend’s t-shirt will work, and place it on a flat surface like a chair, closed toilet seat, or table.
  • Bend forward to plop your hair (lay it down) at the center of the towel. Your hair should be wet, fresh out from the shower.
  • Hold the edges of the towel and twist each side to look like Twizzlers.
  • Then, tuck both the edges at the back or corner of your head.
  • Leave to dry for as long as you like, but a minimum 10 minutes in this turban wrap is required.
  • Release for some heat-free curls that will be closely wound, depending on the original texture of your hair.

Make note, that if you use a styling mousse or serum, work it in right after the shower and before plopping your hair. Also, feel free to use a diffuser or hooded drier if you want the curls more tightly wound. Most people prefer to use a t-shirt or similar linen, so that the hair does not turn frizzy and the cuticles are not damaged.

Here’s a video that will see you through it. Make most of those luscious locks, ladies!

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