Owing to the latest hair trends, there’s a good chance your already have, or are considering getting your strands colored for the summer. Needless to say, it does have great visual appeal, despite its many toxic downfalls.

But, what you must remember is that the more unique the color (think rainbow shades), the less likely it is to last very long. In fact, even the likes of Kim Kardashian couldn’t sustain the platinum blonde look for more than a month (roots, people!). So, to make it worth the money and time spent on the treatment, you should consider protective measures to contain that color in its truest hue for as long as possible. Here are some everyday activities that could make them seem off-color:

Shampooing Your Hair The Next Day
You may have a set routine when it comes to your hair, but shampooing the day after you’ve gotten a color treatment is probably the most common mistake that does a lot of harm. It’s best to wait a full 72 hours before you shampoo. And if you feel your hair is a little too oily, you could make do with dry shampoo in the meantime.

Skipping, Or Using The Wrong Kind Of Conditioner
Color-treated hair has been exposed to chemicals that dry them out in order to color, so not only is it important to condition and hydrate these locks, it also means that you must use a product that is specifically designed to lock-in the color and nourish the hair. Read the label; don’t just buy blindly.


Using Heat Styling Appliances
We’ve already taken you through how styling tools can damage your locks, and should they be recently colored, the heat can quite literally scorch your strands and make them appear fried (not just frizzy). The more damaged your hair cuticle is, the higher the chance it will absorb water and wash out the color.

Skipping Out On Regular Trims
If you think about it, the ends of your hair are the oldest. This means, they’ve seen the most damage—if you take into account blow drying, straightening and chemical processing. This is probably why the color hardly ever catches at the ends. Regular trims ensure your hair looks healthy, you don’t suffer from split ends, and the color catches evenly everywhere. Trimming your hair every 10-12 weeks, or at 3-month intervals will keep your strands looking beautiful and healthy, in order to truly show-off the color.

So while we cannot stop you from coloring your hair, we do suggest you give natural alternatives a chance. Granted they may not last as long, but then again, you’re saving a great deal of money and you’re treating your hair to a wealth of nature.

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