Make Your Own Homemade, Non-Toxic Eyeliner

If you’re a beauty fanatic, surely, you know that the chemicals, preservatives, and ingredients in most commercial products aren’t exactly great options for your skin in the long run.

So while we’ve taught you how to make your own bath products like scrubs, body butter, cleansers and soaps too, our successful attempt at nailing some DIY recipes for your very own homemade lipstick and lip stains have left us a bit more adventurous.

Upon spotting a research paper by the University of Waterloo that suggested eyeliners can lead to vision problems in the long run, it only seemed inevitable that we train you how to side-step the problem.

Make your own eyeliner; one that’s non-toxic and herbal and has a cooling effect on your peepers. It’s quite simple really, here’s how you can get started.

1Homemade Ayurvedic Kohl

Soak 1 or 2 cotton wicks in almond or castor oil overnight. The next morning, in an earthenware dish or a copper vessel, set the wick on fire. Cover the flame with a bowl and let the soot collect there.

Once the wick has burned out, collect the soot in a small box, or an old blush container. You can use this powder with a small brush. It’s smudge-proof and great for the eyes.

2Homemade Cooling Eyeliner

Put 1tsp peppermint oil, 4 tsp aloe vera gel, and 1 tsp grated beeswax in a small saucepan over low heat. Stir until the beeswax melts completely. Pour 1-2 capsules of activated charcoal into the oil mixture. Blend well and then remove from heat.

When slightly cooled, transfer this mixture into a clean plastic container of your choice, and let it sit for a few hours. Once the beeswax solidifies, your eyeliner is ready for use.

3Homemade Gel Eyeliner

Empty out 1 tbsp loose powder (black) in a container. Add 5-8 drops jojoba oil to the powder (or till the mixture becomes a coarse paste).

Next, add a little over ½ tsp eyeshadow primer to the paste and mix well until it takes on a smooth, mousse-like consistency. If it’s too runny, feel free to add a little more loose powder. Store in a cool, dry place for use.

4Homemade Herbal Eyeliner

Add 1 tsp activated charcoal into a container of your choice. Now, you have the option of creating a paste with oil or leaving it just as it is.

For the former, add 3-4 drops of sweet almond oil to the charcoal and stir until it makes a thick paste (just enough oil for it to not be runny). All you need then is a fine paintbrush to apply, and you’re good to go.

5Homemade Non-Toxic Eyeliner

Thoroughly mix 2 tsp coconut oil, 4 tsp aloe vera gel, 1-2 capsules of activated charcoal (for a black hue), or ½tsp cocoa powder (for a brown hue). Store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.

Use a clean brush to ensure you don’t introduce any bacteria to the mixture.