We’re not above buying a new lipstick or mascara every other month; that said, some products can last you up to a year, easy! It is important to know when it’s time to let go, in order to stave of infections and rashes; perhaps even more important to not share your favorite beauty buys, no matter how close you are with your friends.

However, the hardest workers of them all are the applicators, or makeup brushes if you will, that take a nosedive into goops and puddles of products on a regular. Also, professional makeup brushes don’t come cheap, so we recommend you make the most of this big investment, simply by knowing how to clean and disinfect the applicators in the right way. You won’t just be saving your money, you’ll be saving your skin too.

For those who are prone to acne and breakouts, those who have sensitive skin, and those who just have good sense, cleaning your brushes is of utmost importance for more reasons than you could’ve imagined:

With that in mind, all you need to get the process underway is regular liquid hand-wash and some extra virgin olive oil. The soap is meant to clean and wash away any dirt, while the olive oil is meant to recondition the bristles after they’ve been stripped off all the accumulated build-up and disinfected thoroughly.

To wash a brush, hold it head down at an angle, under lukewarm water. After the bristles are sufficiently wet, dip it into a little dish with the hand-wash and gently work it in till it generates lather. Run under water, and it’s done.

Using a paper towel, pat and air-dry. After the brushes have dried, simply rub a drop of the olive oil between your fingers and work it into the bristles. Leave them for a while and rinse under water again. Pat and air-dry. Your brushes will be as good as new!

You could alternately watch this video tutorial to see things in action:

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