Jojoba: An Essential Oil For Skin & Haircare

Fun fact, jojoba is actually pronounced as ‘ho hoe ba’. The ingredient has been a staple in the beauty world for a long time now, with its multiple beauty benefits for the skin and the hair.

Interestingly, the only reason jojoba oil was ever discovered was because whale oil was banned, which was earlier a popularly ingredient in cosmetic products. This vegan-friendly ingredient is light and gets easily absorbed by your skin, which makes it a great carrier for your beauty solutions.

Jojoba oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and accelerates the natural production of collagen. This oil also helps treat acne and scar tissue by clearing out the pores and reducing inflammation. Jojoba oil also has a hydrating effect on the skin and can give you instant plumpness and natural glow.

In terms of hair care, the oil works its magic by hydrating, nourishing and conditioning the scalp and the roots. Its anti-fungal properties keep dandruff at bay and promote healthy hair growth.

Keeping all these things in mind, we teach you how to incorporate jojoba oil into your DIYs for best results.

1Face Mask

Make a paste using half a ripe avocado and 1 tsp jojoba oil. Massage it on your face and neck, leaving it on for 10 minutes. Then wash it off with warm water.

2Face Cream

Combine 1 cup whipped coconut oil, 1/2 cup jojoba oil, and 1-2 tsp beeswax. Stir well and keep it in a container; use it every day like you would a night cream to make the most of its reparative properties.

3Facial Cleanser

Dip a cotton ball in jojoba oil and apply it directly to your face to get rid of bacteria and clean out the excess oil deposits. It can also substitute for a makeup remover and is a great ingredient to strengthen your eyelashes.

4Hair Conditioner

Melt 1 tbsp coconut oil and 1tbsp jojoba oil. Generously apply it on your strands while it’s still warm, and wrap your hair in a towel or shower cap for 15 minutes. Wash off the oil with a mild shampoo.

5Prep Your Skin

Before you hold the razor to your legs and hands, apply jojoba oil on the area for a clean shave, minus the breakouts, red spots, and inflammation.