A creative duo with two small children, Eric and Jessica Hurd are drowning in chaos … but had the foresight to ask for help clearing, cleaning, and ultimately forming better household habits. This is a messy home makeover with a happy ending!

And the superhero behind it all? Britain’s biggest housekeeping celebrity, Kim Woodburn, the host and straight-talking tough love lady behind our show Kim’s Rude Awakeningswho attempts to overhaul the rudest, laziest, and messiest families. Check out more about the show here, and find out where you can tune in.

Check out the video above to see a sneak peek of the Hurd family’s own “awakening” and final challenge — and how they turn their habits around.

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So What Can You Learn From The Hurds’ Rude Awakening?

1. Cleaning & Organizing Is A Lifestyle Change.

As Eric notes in the clip above, cleaning isn’t just a one-two-done procedure, it’s something that needs to be done little by little every day in order to keep chaos from taking over once again,

2. Get The Kids Involved!

Not only does this make any clean-up go faster (always a plus!), it instills a healthy habit early, teaches children to respect their surroundings, and can even given them a sense of satisfaction at a job well done (just look at the pride the Hurds’ daughter has in the video!)

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3. Tackle Problem Areas One By One.

Pick a problem spot, say, your closet, your desk, a messy countertop, and ruthlessly organize, clean, and clear it until everything’s in it’s proper place. Once you see one area looking sharp in a way you appreciate, it’ll be that much easier to move onto the next.

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