Beauty Hacks, Straight From The A-Listers

Well, they won’t admit to going under the knife, but neither would they talk about their quick kitchen beauty fixes, because fancy, branded products help rake-in big endorsement deals.

From Kristen Bell to Pink, celebrity makeup artist Darais from Lancôme has worked with them all, and he suggests that just before a big event like the Oscars, the stars are being prepped and perfected by their beauty entourage.

On the flip-side, we recommend you try whipping up some simplistic beauty hacks for a big event; ones that you can begin working into your skincare routine a week before a social appearance. These solutions will make a lasting impression of the kind that no amount of concealer and foundation can replicate.

Under Eye

There’s no hiding the stress and wrinkle lines in this area. While Darais recommends a primer to hide the flaws, you can also try these five natural home remedies to reduce the appearance of under-eye circles.

Basic Skincare


There’s a gender divide when it comes to hiding skin blemishes. Darais points out, “The men spend more time doing facials, while women rely more on foundation”. Get a deep-skin facial with these at-home dark chocolate DIYs and there’ll be no need for a foundation, we say!



Exfoliation is the key to pout-worthy, kissable lips. He told Entertain This, “You can dab eye cream on your lips the night before, and then exfoliate with a bit of brown sugar”. Here are three more DIYs for smack-ready lips you could consider.



Thick and long eyelashes can make a lot of difference, but extensions “ruin your lashes if you keep doing them over and over,” says Darais. So ditch the fakes and massage your lash-line with these oils for some glamorous peepers, sans the mascara.



You have the lips, long eyelashes, and even-toned skin, but the brows need some help too. With celebrities like Megan Fox and Cara Delevingne in the headlines for their perfectly groomed brows becoming the biggest beauty trend, we hook you up with a natural way to add definition to your brow-line.