Rosewater by Rosense

After a long day of exposing your face to the sun’s harmful UV rays, pollution, dirt, and other skin-damaging factors, it’s nice to finally give your skin some well-needed pampering.

If your skin is in need of a break or just needs to be refreshed after a long day, cleansing your face with rosewater will give your skin the nurturing it deserves.

The benefits of rosewater have been used for centuries. Make-up gurus and skin dermatologists alike are raging over the skin-silkening capabilities of rosewater. That’s why we were eager to try Rosewater by Rosense when we saw it at the Natural Products Expo West.

The first thing that caught our attention when saw Rosewater by Rosense were the ingredients. More specifically, we were impressed by the fact that the rosewater was derived from the oils of Isparta’s Rosa Damascena petals based in Turkey.

Rosense has been supplying rose oil-infused products to the cosmetic industry for over 120 years, and have their own traditional distillation extraction method. Rosense products are also free of harmful petrochemical derivatives, making them sensitive enough for everyday use.

The floral aroma of the rosewater was intoxicating, and the delicate pink bottle complimented the scent effortlessly. The rosewater felt nourishing to the skin, providing moisture while gently refreshing the skin too.

What’s even better about this product is how it doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry and dull after some time has passed. It cleanses your skin without stripping your pores of its essential oils, leaving your face feeling soft and supple.

Whether you’re using it as a skin toner or for fragrance purposes only, rosewater is intended for all skin types and delicate enough for all ages. Next time you’re planning to give your loved ones flowers as a token of appreciation, try giving them Rosense’s Rosewater instead; their skin will thank you.

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