5 Beauty Resolutions To Keep In 2015

There’s no point in buying expensive creams and investing in facials and spa treatments unless you make some important changes to your everyday beauty routine.

How you treat your skin today will determine how you well it will age over time. This year, pay attention to the little things that can make a big difference.

1I Will Deep Clean

Make it a monthly habit to clean your makeup brushes, combs, hairbrushes, and manicure set. Evaluate the condition of all that’s in your vanity kit, and get rid of anything that looks goopy, smells funky, is rusting, or falling apart. This detox is necessary to keep infections and germ build-up at bay.

2I Will Take Care Of My Hair

It’s easy to mask bad hair with serums, conditioners, braids, and hats, which is why we don’t give it the attention it needs. Hair spas at home, natural color for your tresses, and some nutritious food for a luscious mane should be on the agenda.

Also, try to stop over-washing your hair to doll up for every event; once every alternate day or every two days is enough, so as to not strip the hair of its natural oils.

3I Will Always Take Off My Makeup

It’s not just about removing your makeup before you sleep, but about cleaning it off as soon as you reach home. Even light makeup that we use every day clogs our pores and can cause acne. If you have nowhere to be, take it off!

4I Will Get Better Sleep

The easiest trick to flawless skin is a good night’s sleep, and that means a minimum of seven hours of nap time. Inadequate sleep leads to the breakdown of repair functions of the skin’s wear-and-tear and increases the signs of aging.

If you want to bid adieu to puffy eyes and dark circles, get to bed and put that phone on silent mode.

5I Will Never Forget My Sunblock

Whether you use a sunblock, sunscreen, body oil or a moisturizer with high SPF, protecting your skin against sun damage should rank high on the list. You risk dark spots, tanning and aging lines when you forgo that SPF, so tread with caution. And remember, using sunblock is as important in the winter, as it is in the summer.

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