All you need is a mint-based toothpaste, salt or baking soda, and an ice cube. Make note that this solution also works for whiteheads.
Now you don't have to be stuck with a mane that looks weighed down and gets greasy real soon. Here's a fix to make it spring back into action.
This trend does have its fair share of takers among the girly girls who probably still dot their 'I's with hearts. Watch the video clip to know how aquarium nails are fashioned.
Instead of applying toothpaste on the monstrosity, try this unusual fix for some targeted treatment to temper the swelling and dry out the pimple.
We teach you how to deal with the mind-numbing pain by bettering your odds with some simple tricks and tips.
Not many know about the youthful benefits of geranium oil. We tell you just how and why to use this elixir for your home spa.
The elixir contains omega 6 fatty acids, which help control the overproduction of sebum and regulate the oil levels in your skin.
The next time you decide to sign up for a treatment, step back and assess whether it is worth the gamble, and if you are ready and equipped to deal with the consequences.
"Avocado obseshhhhh is mad real!" The vitamin E-rich fruit is a great ingredient to include in your DIYs for its anti-aging properties.
You’d think that our nails wouldn’t be subjected to crazy trends, but the world of beauty has other plans. Say hello to the latest in nail art.