Priyanka Chopra's Natural Beauty Hacks Using Ingredients Right From Your Kitchen
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If you’ve been in awe of how flawless Priyanka Chopra’s hair and skin looks all the time, then you’re in luck. No, you don’t have to go out and buy the most expensive product on the market, in fact, your beauty fix is available right in your kitchen.

Priyanka Chopra is literally a beauty queen and it comes as no surprise to find out she has a couple of tricks up her sleeve when it comes to her beauty routine.

The south Asian star not only is a fan of DIY beauty treatments, but she also uses ingredients that are all natural and easy to find right in your home.

Priyanka Chopra’s Natural Beauty Hacks

These beauty hacks will leave you with glowing skin, smooth lips and shiny hair in no time!

1. Yogurt Scalp Treatment

If you’ve been having some hair troubles lately, then yogurt is your new go-to for smooth and shiny hair. Yogurt has amazing qualities that soothe a dry scalp and help to hydrate and cool it down to prevent dandruff and itchiness.

Chopra’s DIY treatment:

  • Create a mixture using full-fat yogurt, 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 egg (Chopra’s secret ingredient).
  • Generously spread the mixture on your scalp and leave it on for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse out with warm water and baby shampoo.

2. Turmeric Body Scrub

A treatment Chopra learned from her mom, this turmeric body scrub works well as an exfoliator and has hydrating effects on your skin. When you use it in your shower, you cleanse off all the dirt and bacteria and any dead skin cells and impurities that might be stuck on your skin.

Chopra’s DIY treatment:

  • Make a paste out of a cup of graham flour and a cup of plain Greek yogurt. If the texture is too thick, you have the option to add a little bit of milk to thin the texture. If you have oily skin, you use skim milk or low-fat yogurt instead.
  • Squeeze a fresh lemon and add sandalwood powder and turmeric. Your mixture will look a little yellow.
  • Chopra recommends spreading a little bit of the paste on your hand to check for allergies before use.
  • Spread the mixture all over your body and let it dry.
  • Once the scrub is completely dry, hop into the shower and scrub it off.

3. Ubtan Face Mask

Chopra and her mom are huge fans of the Ubtan mask which uses whole-wheat flour, turmeric, lime juice, full-cream yogurt and rose water. The whole-wheat works as a great exfoliant for the skin and the face mask will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Another plus is that this mask is also known to heal a painful sunburn.

Chopra’s DIY treatment:

  • Add whole-wheat flour, turmeric, lime juice, full-cream yogurt and rose water to make a paste.
  • Spread the paste on your face as a mask and leave it on for 15–20 minutes.
  • Rinse off and pat dry with a towel.

4. Sea Salt Lip Scrub

Sea salt is a natural ingredient that works as an exfoliant for your lips leaving them smooth and soft.

Chopra’s DIY treatment:

  • Add some sea salt to a bowl (Chopra states the amount depends on the size of your lips).
  • Add a few drops of 100-percent vegetable glycerine and some rose water.
  • Use your finger to mix the ingredients and spread on your lips.
  • Rinse off the scrub.

5. Coconut Oil Exfoliation Mask

Coconut oil does wonders for the hair and skin. For Chopra, it works as a great makeup remover and exfoliation mask for her skin. This treatment can help with dry skin, remove all your make up and clean your pores.

Chopra’s DIY treatment:

  • Remove your makeup using coconut oil and leave the oil on your face for a few minutes.
  • After a couple of minutes, wipe the oil with a moist towel.
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