The Way You Shower Might Be Damaging Your Skin - Here's How To Fix That

You’re probably thinking, there’s no way you’ve been showering the wrong way all these years. After all, how could you possibly get showering wrong? Well, even if you think you’re doing it right, there might be a few mistakes you’re making that could be harming your skin.

Common Mistakes You’re Making in the Shower

Here’s how you can give your skin some extra love and stop making these shower mistakes that could be damaging your skin.

1. You shower with water that is too hot

While hot showers help you to feel relaxed after a long day at work, showering with water that is too hot is rough on your skin and strips the skin of its natural essential oils. Hot water on your skin also aggravates inflammation and itching, which causes redness and eczema.

Opt to shower in lukewarm water instead and keep your showers under 10 minutes for optimal skin health.

2. You’re using the wrong soap

Bar soap is notorious for stripping away the body’s natural essential oils and can leave your skin feeling dry. Additionally, scented soaps and shower gels are known to cause dryness to the skin.

Choose a body wash with moisturizing and hydrating effects on the skin that is fragrance and dye-free.

3. You miss a spot

It’s common to finish up your shower only to realize there’s a tiny spot of soap left on your neck. Your first reaction might be to just use your towel to wipe it off and go on with your routine. This is a bad idea.

The next time you miss a spot, make it a habit to actually rinse it off properly with water in order to avoid dissolving your natural oils. Failing to do so will cause the soap to dissolve the natural oils and cause dryness of the skin.

4. You’re not cleaning your razor

Always wash your razor after you use it. You might not see it, but your razor collects bacteria from your skin that can continue to breed when left in the shower.

After every use, wash your razor with hot water in order to prevent this bacteria from breeding and avoid any infection that can occur. Additionally, try to replace your razor head every week to avoid nicking yourself with a dull razor.

5. You towel dry too rough

When you step out of the shower and reach for your towel, be gentle when you’re patting your skin dry. Rubbing your towel too harshly on the skin can cause inflammation and redness.

Treat your skin with gentle love and care and pat dry instead of rubbing excessively. Trust us, this works and you will not be left feeling damp or wet.

6. You don’t moisturize immediately

It’s easy to feel lazy after your shower and lounge around in your towel for a while post-shower. However, try to break this habit and moisturize your skin within the first three minutes after you pat dry.

You will help to keep the moisture in your skin and prevent any dryness that may occur from waiting too long.

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