Everyday Changes You Can Make to Promote Healthy Skin

When it comes to having a flawless complexion, some women were just blessed with it while others not so much. There’s no denying good genetics play a role in having healthy skin, but developing a functional skin-care routine makes a huge difference as well.

The answer to healthy skin is to establish good habits early to prevent you from running into issues later on. Whether determining which products to use or when the right time is to cleanse your face, both factors contribute to a healthy glow. 

Skip the botox appointment and give that expensive facial toner a rest, because all you need is to implement these surprisingly simple steps that can make a major difference in your quest to healthy skin.

Stop Picking at Your Pimples

This is one of the most important tips you should follow. Popping pimples is a pretty bad habit to have because it can cause scarring and blemishes ranging from red marks to dark marks and even craters.

Not only does popping pimples cause scars, it can also contribute to raised bumps around the lumps on the skin called epidermal inclusion cysts. Instead of popping your pimples, leave them be, or use a natural ointment like apple cider vinegar to help shrink it.

Less Is Always More

This applies to every aspect of life, but more specifically to your skin. The fewer products you use on your skin the better. If your medicine cabinet is filled with a bunch of half-used serums, facial cleansers and lotions, it might be time to formulate a new skincare regimen.

Trying a bunch of different products can damage your skin, especially if they have different ingredients and fragrances. So, stick with a few products that you know are good for your skin and let them do their job.

Drink Your Water

Drinking water and staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your skin. If you don’t get enough water, your skin can become dry and flaky, so prevent that by keeping water nearby. Try different infused waters with fruit that can provide antioxidants needed to keep your skin glowing.

Cleanse Your Face Before Bedtime

Cleansing your face at night helps remove dirt and excess oils that accumulated during the day. Your skin can differentiate between day and night just like you can, and your skin knows when it’s downtime. The best time to wash your face is before bedtime, and during this time is when the skin repairs, absorbs, replenishes and reconditions itself.

Moisturize Your Skin

Even though your skin produces its own oils, it’s essential for your skin to remain moisturized throughout the day and before bed. If your skin tends to be oily, use a light oil or serum, and if your skin is dry use a facial oil or cream.

Gently Exfoliate Once a Week

Emphasis on “gently” because using an exfoliator with an abrasive scrub could cause scarring and discoloration. We shed millions of skin cells a day, so it’s important to wash them away to prevent breaking out.

You don’t have to use an exfoliating mask every day, but once or twice a week is a good amount.

Break a Sweat

The fountain of youth may actually be physical exercise. Working out is important because it helps promote circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system, which helps drain toxins from the skin, reduces wrinkles and cleans clogged pores through perspiration.

Get Your Sleep

No one likes looking like they haven’t had any sleep when they wake up in the morning. Research proves that not getting enough sleep can actually make you look older, as well as prevent your skin from repairing itself. So, try to get at least seven hours of sleep and minimize stress in your life to have a sound sleep.

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