When it comes to appearances, there’s always something you wish you hadn’t done; or perhaps done differently. In due time, most #throwbacks can make you cringe, and have you wishing you knew then, what you know now. Perhaps getting that perm back in college wasn’t the best idea—unless, ‘crazy cat lady’ was the look you were going for.

Pretty Little Liars’ actress Lucy Hale has regrets of a different kind. Even at the young age of 25, she can pinpoint all that she’d do differently as a teenager in order to escape half the beauty arsenal she finds herself investing in, to make up for those mistakes:

Lucy On Her Eyebrows: If you watch the show, you know that Lucy’s character Aria Montgomery, apart from her eclectic style, has very prominent eyebrows. But, it took her a great deal of plucking and threading to get it right. So what does she have to say about her signature brows? “The first thing I’d tell my teenage self is to stop over-plucking,” she admits. “I used to be so guilty of that. I didn’t find a good shape until right when Pretty Little Liars was starting, and it was such a long process getting back to the shape I have now. My brows have definitely gone through an evolution.” We definitely think she has a point, and Rita Ora might just agree with her, for she inspired our brow grooming guide that will see you throw the arches, curves, and thick and thin of things.


Lucy Hale On Her Makeup: Never underestimate the importance of a makeup remover, and don’t leave on the goop, even a minute longer than necessary. Lucy admits it’s quite a struggle for her. “I still have those days where I work really late into the night and I’m tempted to just fall asleep—that’s why I keep makeup remover wipes right next to my bed at all times. My regimen now is so lengthy, it takes a good 15 minutes to get through each night and I really have to commit to it. And when I do, it’s great. But there are nights when it’s just not happening! Wipes are the way to go, then,” she says. Truth is, makeup can really breakdown your skin, and your younger self usually tends to pile on the products, because hey, you’re busy partying it up with your friends when you’re a teenager.

Well, we’ve covered the importance of using sunblock and drinking plenty of water to ensure you have great skin, and Lucy admits to following her mother’s sound advice on those subjects. “My mom has always told me to drink water and use SPF.”

For what it’s worth, though this advice won’t change the mistakes of our past, it’s definitely something to live by from now on. At least, this way, we’ll know we’re doing the best for our skin.

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