The growth of your nails depends on your protein intake, age and health. In fact, your talons grow at an accelerated pace until puberty, but ironically you never really care about nail chipping as a child.

Now when you’re all grown up, with all the time and money you spend on manicures and pedicures, a nail break usually results in a dramatic mini-meltdown, and unfortunately, fingernails grow just one-tenth of an inch (3 millimeters) a month among adults.

Also, did you know that it takes four to six months for the nail to regrow completely? Guess mourning the loss of a nail may actually warrant the theatrics.

Now for some positives. Your race horse, the one you can count on, is the nail on the middle finger, which grows a lot quicker than the others; in this regard, the thumb is all thumbs, what with its slow pace that lands it last place.

This is because the growth of your nails depends on the length of the bones in the finger tips. Therefore, fingernails grow faster than toenails too.

Is it karmic connection that the finger you use to flip someone off is also biologically designed to have the most sizable impact?

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