Most, if not all women carefully choose their skincare products based on their skin type: dry, normal, combination, sensitive, mature, or oily/acne-prone. Dry, sensitive and mature skin types are generally advised to choose thicker textured products comprised of ingredients like oil and milk, while water-based constituents are recommended for those with oily/acne-prone and combination skin. If we break this down further into the type of skincare solutions you should be selecting, your product choices may vary.

One-Sweep Wipe
When it comes to makeup removers, the rule is the same for everyone, regardless of their skin type. You need something gentle and soothing, yet effective, especially for stubborn eye makeup. It is in fact the type of makeup you use (waterproof, water-resistant, liquid, mineral), that helps determine your remover. While milk cleansers will help take care of the latter, you need some serious oiling solutions for the former.

Squeaky Clean
Moving on to cleansers and moisturizers, there’s a new theory and revolution of sorts discovered by leading dermatologists, herbalists, and makeup artists, which suggests that all natural oil-based cleansers such as jojoba, sunflower, and saffron oils are suitable for one and all, due to their gentle nature. Oil apparently, is the best weapon to use against oil residue and dirt build-up. In fact, this whole shebang has prompted the water-free skincare trend.

Plump & Hydrated
Natural oils also serve as the best moisturizers as they are easily absorbed by the skin, and transcend the layers while the excess just surfaces and can be wiped off. In addition they are pocket-friendly, for only a few drops are needed per application, increasing the longevity of your daily skin care regime.

Water-based cleansers and moisturizers actually strip the skin of natural oils, which aggravate the composition in the body, ultimately prompting the brain to generate even more oil residue. Milk and cleansing milk is the second best option for cleansers and moisturizers, as they also maintain a wide variety of benefits such as: skin exfoliation, instant hydration, increased capillary circulation, soft skin, and heightened skin elasticity.

That said, water-based products (cleansers and moisturizers) do tend to soldier on off the shelves during the summer months, for the lightweight formula is appealing for all-day wear when it’s hot or humid. Although, they require reapplication every six hours, so be prepared.

If you think about it, the three core ingredients—milk, oil, water—in most beauty solutions are humbly sitting in your kitchen all the time. So, why spend on expensive over-the-counter creams when you can whip them up yourself?

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