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Honey-Dipped Papaya: Get your fix of proteolytic enzyme (a great digestive aid) from papaya. This sweet, fleshy fruit is also an excellent source of vitamin C. The honey adds to the flavor and the nutritional properties.

Low in fat, cholesterol, and calories, and high in nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants—here’s why papayas are a god-sent fruit that can solve multiple problems.

Weight Loss: The papain enzyme in the fruit is great for digestion. In fact, it is so effective that it reduces bloating, inflammation, water retention, and belly fat simultaneously. The fruit is also a great kick-starter for your metabolic rate, and will keep you feeling full for hours together, because you can eat large portions without packing in the calories.

Skin: Eat it, apply it; both ingestion and topical application of papaya can do wonders for your skin. The smart food is loaded with fiber, folate, vitamins A and C, carotenes and flavonoids. All these antioxidants together can fix your acne, wrinkles, dead skin, and scarring too. Papaya makes for a great exfoliator, while its peel can be used to de-tan your body.

Hair: A ripe papaya is the key to control dandruff and remove the residue of chemicals from your scalp. Hair masks that use papaya will lend your mane a natural sheen, nourish the hair shaft, and stimulate hair growth.

With so many benefits, is there any wonder why this fruit packs a punch in beauty solutions, shampoos, and face and body washes? Not to mention being repeatedly recommended in weight loss and diet plans across the world.

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