Easily an ingredient found in most households, you may like your tuna out of a can or fresh; either way, it’s a good dose of beauty and weight loss benefits, all rolled into one. Here’s how to make it work to your advantage:

Skincare: Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, tuna does wonders for your skin by keeping it hydrated and improving elasticity. This will ward of all signs of aging and flaky skin, and reduce acne symptoms by keeping inflammation in check.

Haircare: The omega 3 acids also make tuna a natural conditioning agent for your tresses, while treating your dry scalp and dandruff problems. High levels of protein, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin B make the fish a prime dietary supplement for hair growth.

Weight Loss: Considering 3oz of tuna has about 73 calories, it makes for a great low-cal food option. The protein content will also help you feel full for longer, curbing impulse snacking and food cravings.

The only thing to remember is that tuna is under the scanner for its high levels of mercury; but, if you stick to two to four servings of four to six ounces of tuna per week, you should be able to reap in the benefits with no harm done.