It tastes delicious and wholesome, is perhaps the most appetizing of all dairy products (after cheese of course), and is available in multiple flavored low-fat renditions. Now while we recommend you stick to the no-frills version of yogurt, here’s a whole host of reasons why you should add the fermented milk to your everyday diet, any way you can:

Vitamin B, lactic acid, calcium and zinc are the four components in yogurt that help revitalize your skin. Vitamin B heals and lightens the skin and keeps it hydrated. Lactic acid acts as a moisturizer, calcium repairs cell damage, and zinc prevents the appearance of aging and fine lines.

Using yogurt in your homemade hair masks is a great idea, as the live culture in the concoction gets rid of dandruff and nourishes your tresses much like a conditioner. And not just topical application, eating yogurt improves hair growth too, as it is laden with high doses of protein.

Weight Loss
Don’t be fooled by the high calorie count in yogurt because its probiotics are a doubly effective way to regulate your digestive system and curb your appetite. You can whip some up by using low-fat milk or skimmed milk, or just buy the probiotic version from the store. At all costs, avoid flavored yogurt if you’re trying to lose weight.

Before you start spooning tubs of yogurt, read further. USDA recommends three 1-cup servings of dairy each day and 8oz of yogurt makes one serving.

You can also try  these 5 Yogurt Mixes For Dandruff-Free Hair and Homemade Yogurt Face Masks For A Well-Nourished Skin.

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