Smoking Gives You Skin Deep Problems

Whatever you reasons for smoking, be it stress, boredom, or the infamous ‘bowel movement regulations’ that lead you to light up, the ill-effects of smoking are staring right back at you, when you buy a packet of cigarettes. Well, here we appeal to your vanity, and give you yet another—wait, let’s make that three—reasons to kick the butt.

Here’s how that vice is getting under your skin, aging you considerably, and causing discoloration on your skin, fingernails and teeth too.

Lack Of Radiance: When you smoke, you inhale carbon monoxide which displaces oxygen, while nicotine reduces blood flow, making your skin dry. Smoking also blocks the flow of nutrients to the cells and severely dehydrates your skin from the inside out, resulting in a dull and gray appearance. Needles to say, smokers age poorly and a lot faster than non-smokers, with their physical appearance showcasing the first signs of deterioration.

Under-Eye Bags: You can keep blaming it on the lack of sleep, but those prominent dark circles are also because of the restless sleep syndrome—a common problem among smokers.

Hair Loss: Smoking damages the DNA which affects the hair follicles, and this results in an increase of free radicals. Weak strands, increased hair loss, early graying and dull tresses are all side-effects of smoking.

Needless to say, lighting up drastically alters your physical characteristics, and it’s not just about the skin, but your body too. So quit beating around the bush with those ECigarettes and nicotine patches and ditch the habit altogether.

If you think you will fare better by easing into it, here’s how you can get started.

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