Split Ends: How You Brought Them Upon Yourself

Last week we discussed some natural remedies to treat split ends, which work better than a snip and a cut of your tresses.

When the outer layer of the hair cuticle wears off due to over-exposure, they result in split ends. As the internal structure remains exposed, your strands get dehydrated, weak and look considerably damaged too. This is why you will notice split ends when you are trying to grow your hair.

But did you know that there are other everyday habits that are making them come around faster? Here’s what you’re doing wrong and how you should fix it.

1Touch Me Not

Playing with your hair is a nervous tick amongst some women. This can lead to hair webs, breakage, pulling of stray strands, and also damage of cuticles.

And, while it may be on trend, pulling your hair into a tight ponytail is the absolute worst. Use cloth hair ties; better still, use knot clips and hair clutches to keep that hair away from your face.

2Blown Away

Blow dryers sap the moisture from your hair, and this inevitably leads to split ends. It is best to gently pat dry with a towel and then air dry your locks, or use a heat protectant before you use that hair dryer.

3Color Drama

Hair color, straightening, perms, and highlights damage the hair cuticle and leave you with split ends. If you insist on treating your hair chemically, don’t have more than one treatment at a time.

Also, do not wash your tresses for 48 hours after the treatment, as your hair will be porous and more susceptible to breakage. You could alternately try these Natural Solutions To Color Your Tresses.

4Tangled Web

As frustrating as it may be, always untangle your hair after you towel dry it. Trade the hairbrush for a wide-tooth comb to reduce breakage and avoid friction.

5Unconditional TLC

Most of us skip the conditioner when we are short of time but are only too happy to over-wash our hair for every little social appearance. While the shampoo cleans the hair, the conditioner is essential to keep your ends hydrated, so don’t give it a miss. You could try a leave-in formula if you’re in a great hurry.