The Perfect Hairstyles for the Fall Season

With the colder and crisper weather comes changes in your health, skin and even your hair. Yes, the beautiful tresses that you try so hard to take care of and maintain can become damaged and dry during this time of year, so don’t be surprised if you experience things like dandruff, shedding, split ends and lifeless and dry hair. Most likely it’s the autumn weather that might be causing it.

So, why not switch things up and get a new do that can both enhance your facial features while protecting your hair? This year is all about the art of not trying — having effortlessly perfect curls, bangs and bed hair are all trending this year. Plus, these styles don’t require you to take a trip to the hair salon every month.

What’s even better about these styles is that they don’t take much to maintain and it will save you time and money to get ready in the morning. Need inspiration? Here are a few of our favorite hairstyles of 2018.

2018 Fall Hairstyle Trends

1. Effortless Bangs

The Perfect Hairstyles for the Fall Season

Don’t put too much effort into looking stylish. Instead, try this hair trend that requires longer strands that barely graze your eyelashes. You can either pair these bangs with a shaggy cut or with layers if you want to maintain your hair length.

2. Shag Is the New Fab

The Perfect Hairstyles for the Fall Season

Like the bangs pictured above, this year’s hairstyles are about low maintenance. If you don’t feel like doing your hair, great! Wake up in the morning, give your hair a fluff and you’re ready to walk out the door. Just make sure you brush your teeth before you do.

3. Messy Buns Are Always Fun

The Perfect Hairstyles for the Fall Season

Messy buns are perfect for this time of year, you can tuck in your ends to prevent them from becoming damaged from the cold weather and these buns are usually looser, so it will prevent you from pulling your hair out as well. Plus, it doesn’t require that much time either since it doesn’t have to be perfect — that’s the point.

4. It’s OK to Be a Snob With the Perfect Bob

The Perfect Hairstyles for the Fall Season

Bobs never go out of style, how can they? Bobs have been in style ever since the ’80s and they never fail to let us down. All you need is a nice haircut to get rid of those split ends and a good brush and flat iron to make this look.

5. Curls Are in This Fall Girls

The Perfect Hairstyles for the Fall Season

For all of the curly girls out there, all you need to do this season is to just be you. Curls are always in, but this year they have become extremely popular. Just make sure you’re conditioning your hair and clipping your ends. For the women who don’t have curls, it’s perfectly fine because you can use Bantu knots or pin curls with bobby pins to pull off this look without putting any heat to your hair.

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