Dry Skin: Go The Extra Mile With These Simple Hacks

Supplement your daily moisturizing routine with a few everyday fixes that will help retain the essential oils in your skin and keep it hydrated.

Dry weather works as a catalyst for skin aging, so not just for the sake of the temperamental weather, but to protect your youthful appearance too, here’s what you need to do.

1Right Clothing

While cold temperatures will have you reaching for your woolens, they can irritate your skin, cause inflammation, or leave a rash even. Opt for cotton inner-wear and layer your clothes instead of throwing on one big super-sized jacket. Also, steer clear of the fireplace as it further dries out your skin.


Introduce some humidity into your surroundings by way of a humidifier that’s found in most new-age heating systems. This will restore the moisture and temper the dry air.

It’s not just great for your skin, but helps keep your eyes moist, improves your breathing, and lowers the risk of allergies too.

3Unscented Products

Perfumed lotions, soaps, and creams contain alcohol that strips the natural oils from your skin. Opt for products that are natural, organic and unscented skincare products. Also, go a step further and change your detergent to one that’s labeled hypoallergenic.

4Trap Moisture

As tempted as you are to take a hot shower during the winters, stick to a warm one instead. Hot water flushes the natural oils from your skin.

A trick to retain the moisture is to close the bathroom window and door, turn off the exhaust, and trap the steam in the room. Revel in its mist for as long as you can.

5Wear Gloves

Your hands are the first to bear the brunt of the cold weather as they usually remain exposed. Dab on some lotion and seal in the moisture by throwing on a pair of gloves made from breathable fabric.

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