Top Beauty Hacks That Lazy Girls Swear By

Let’s face it, not all of us want to spend hours doing our makeup and hair every morning. Then, we face the conundrum of feeling lazy but wanting to look good at work or wherever we need to be that day.

But not all beauty routines have to take forever and sometimes taking the short route is the way to go when we just want to get a little extra shut-eye.

Beauty Hacks and Tricks for Lazy Girls

If you’re trying to save time with your routine or just simply frustrated by having to spend so much time with your products, the following hacks are perfect to get you ready for the day and looking fresh and feeling good.

1. Blush for your cheeks and eyelids

Choose your favorite pink blush and tint your cheeks and eyelids for a fresh and glowing look. No one’s going to know that it only took you a few seconds and this look will mask a night of no sleep.

2. Mascara wands for chapped lips

Don’t throw away your old mascara wand just yet, use it on chapped lips! Mascara wands make the perfect exfoliator for dry and chapped lips and will leave you with smoother lips in no time.

3. Rub Vaseline before your perfume

If you’re too lazy to take a shower, here’s a handy trick to make sure you still smell good. Apply Vaseline to your skin before you spray your perfume to help your perfume last longer and keep you smelling good all day long.

4. White eyeliner for tired eyes

On the days you wake up feeling tired, use a white eyeliner to help you look energized and make your eyes pop. No one will know that you were out too late the night before.

5. Place your makeup remover next to your bed

Removing your makeup every night is a must, no matter how lazy or tired you are. Keeping your makeup remover next to your bed is the easiest way to make sure you take off your makeup. However, make sure you still follow a thorough skincare routine on the nights you aren’t feeling lazy.

6. Apply baby powder to your hair

When you know you’re not going to wake up in time to wash your hair, but you’re really due for a wash, apply baby powder to your hair to soak up all the excess oil and keep your hair looking less greasy.

7. At-home foot treatment

Take care of your feet without having to go to a spa. Apply peppermint moisturizer or a healing foot cream and cover your feet with socks before you go to sleep. You’ll wake up with smooth and soft feet without putting in any extra effort.

8. Dry shampoo to the rescue

Dry shampoo is everyone’s best friend. If you don’t have one, invest in one or make a dry shampoo yourself because it will change your life.

9. Skip your foundation routine

Instead of working your way through your foundation routine, just dab your blemishes with concealer and come out looking fresh. Make sure to carry your concealer with you if you want to be able to touch up your make up at any time during the day.

10. Highlight the orbital bone of your eyes

Look for your peachy golden highlighter and apply it in a “C” formation along your cheekbones and around the outside corners of your eyes. Simple to do but effective for looking refreshed and awake before your morning coffee.

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