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You’ve probably heard that yoga can be an excellent practice for lowering stress levels in your life and bringing about some mental clarity and peace. While this is definitely true, yoga can also bring changes to your attitude, specifically in regards to how you see yourself and your self-confidence.

Practicing yoga consistently in your life can help you raise your self-confidence and improve your perception of yourself. We grow up learning to filter ourselves and compare ourselves to others. Doing this after many years can make you feel like there’s constant room for improvement or even make you feel awkward in your own body.

5 Yoga Poses to Help Raise Your Self-Confidence

Yoga is a practice devoted to healing your mind and body and reminding you that you are already complete, just as you are. The following yoga poses will give you the reassurance and confirmation of the strength and grace that already lies within you, giving a boost to your self-confidence.

woman in upward-facing dog pose

1. Upward-Facing Dog

According to yoga, the solar plexus center, which is the area of your body containing your chest and abdomen, is where all your confidence energy lies. In the upward-facing dog pose, your chest and abdomen are stretched, opened, and stimulated. This pose not only improves your strength and posture, but it is also said to relieve mild feelings of depression and fatigue.

woman in warrior pose

2. Warrior (I, II, or III)

The warrior set of poses are all about opening up your chest, increasing your strength, and most importantly, connecting you to the earth. In yoga, it’s believed that there is a strong energy coming from the earth that will give you strength and inspire you to be more compassionate, loving, and confident.

woman in dancer's pose

3. Dancer’s Pose

Do you ever feel more free and happy than when you’re dancing? There’s a reason this pose, known as dancer’s pose, promotes a feeling of happiness and release. The body is fully stretched and opened in this pose, making it the perfect example of how yoga helps you break down your walls, open yourself up, and experience a sense of freedom, all of which translate to more self-confidence in your life.

woman in tree pose

4. Tree Pose

Tree pose is similar to warrior pose in the sense that it’s about reminding you of your inner strength, as well as feeling a connection to Mother Earth. Tree pose is also about finding balance and gathering strength and grace from that balance. It’s a great pose for improving how elegant and powerful you feel in your life.

woman in supine butterfly pose

5. Supine Butterfly

One of the qualities that can make us look and feel incredibly confident is our posture. Unfortunately, most of us spend a good part of our day with our shoulders hunched forward and our postures looking very poor. The supine butterfly pose is an effective way to gently stretch the pectoral minor muscle, which helps us keep our shoulders from rolling towards each other.

Yoga for Self-Confidence

Taking 10 minutes out of your day to practice these simple poses can do wonders for your self-confidence. We often spend most of our days feeling worn down, tense, and anxious, and practicing these yoga moves can help alleviate many of those symptoms. Not only that, but these poses will help raise your energy, improve your posture, and give you the feeling of strength and grace you need to face the world with incredible confidence.


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