7 Yoga Poses for Your Little One

If you’re looking for fun ways to spend time with your little one, why not engage in a healthy yoga session and get your child yoga-ready at an early age? Yoga can be a great activity to inspire your kids and help them learn the importance of maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Some benefits of yoga for your children include:

Yoga is an effective practice that promotes the individual’s overall well-being and fuels one’s creativity. Your child’s yoga practice should focus on being fun, while poses can be changed to adapt to your child’s needs.

7 Yoga Poses for Kids

Spend some quality time with the family and practice these 7 yoga poses at a professional studio or simply in your living room.

1. Dolphin Pose


  • Get onto your hands and knees with your shoulders stacked above your wrists and your back straight.
  • Lower down to forearm plank with your elbows on the ground, bring your palms together and intertwine your fingers.
  • Curl your toes and gently lift your hips towards the ceiling with your legs straight and your head facing forward.

2. Horse Pose


  • Start by standing tall with your arms and legs spread apart and stretched outwards. Your toes will be pointed outwards.
  • Take a deep bend in your knees and bring your palms together to touch.
  • Stand firm and hold this pose for a few seconds.

3. High Plank


  • Start with your knees and hands on the ground, palms facing down.
  • With shoulders stacked on top of your wrists, extend your hands to push back on the mat and engage the core muscles.
  • Gently lift your hips until your back is straight and hold for a few seconds.

4. Tree Pose


  • Stand up tall with your palms touching, in front of your chest and feet hip-width distance apart.
  • Starting on the right side, bend your right knee outwards and bring your right knee to touch your left thigh as you balance on your left leg.
  • Hold this pose for a few seconds and come back to starting position.
  • Perform this pose using the alternate leg to even out the sides.

5. Boat Pose


  • Sit down on your mat with your legs and arms straight in front of you.
  • Bend your knees and lift your legs off the mat with your arms still outstretched.
  • Balance on your torso for a few minutes before returning to starting position.

6. Happy Baby Pose


  • Lay down on the mat with your back straight and your arms by your sides.
  • With a deep bend in your knees, bring them into your chest and give yourself and your knees a gentle hug.
  • With your legs spread apart, extend your legs towards the ceiling and use your hands to grab onto your ankles or feet.
  • Gently roll from side-to-side to give your back a soft massage.

7. Corpse Pose


  • This is a good pose to focus on staying still.
  • Lie down on the mat with your back and legs straight and your arms beside your hips.
  • Close your eyes and try to lie still for at least 5 minutes. Take some time to feel relaxed and make sure you continue to breathe.
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