Best Maternity Leggings
A pair of maternity leggings can be a pregnant woman’s best friend. They not only provide that extra-stretchy comfort that grows with your baby bump, but they also go with just about anything from a tunic and heels, to a tank and cardigan, to an oversized sweatshirt on the couch.

Choosing the right pair of leggings is an important maternity clothing decision; so we thought we’d help you pick out a pair. This is a list of the best maternity leggings that mamas-to-be have given their stamp of approval. We hope it helps you cut through the maternity clothing mayhem and find that perfect pair of leggings for you. (You can thank us later).

Here are our choices for the 8 best maternity leggings.

1. Maternity Knit Legging Liz Lange For Target

Maternity Knit Legging Liz Lange Target

Pregnant ladies (and their baby bumps) swear by this style of maternity leggings, since the fabric is stretchy, comfortable, and thick, but still breathable enough to be worn in the summer. This versatile legging, available at Target, can even stretch to fit your belly and you can wear them post your pregnancy too. Yay!
Price: $16.99

2. Gapfit Gfast Full-Panel Leggings

Gapfit Gfast Full Panel Leggings

The stripes are a great fashionable touch to this choice of maternity leggings from Gap. The best feature of these leggings though is that they can be pulled over your belly or rolled down as per your comfort and style.
Price: $49.95

3. Lysee Audrey Ankle

Lysee Audrey Ankle

Talking about style and fashion, how about you go for these chic and tailored ankle-length maternity leggings from Lysee? Flowers are not just for girls, even pregnant women want to have fun, right?
Price: $61.60-$88.0

4. Motherhood BumpStart Under Belly Maternity Leggings

Motherhood BumpStart Under-Belly Maternity Leggings

If you prefer an under belly maternity legging, especially to wear comfortably during the hot months of summer, then these leggings should be your top pick from Motherhood. The maternity leggings stay up without being restrictive and let you move around confidently.
Price: $29.98

5. James Jeans Women’s Maternity Twiggy Jean Legging

James Jeans Maternity Twiggy Jean Legging

These are jean-cut maternity leggings also known fondly as “jeggings.” They are made of cotton, have a great fit, are easy to wash and come in two great colors—sienna and safari green.
Price: $83.41 available at Amazon.

6. A Pea In The Pod AG Jeans Legging Secret Fit Belly 5 Pocket Maternity Jeans

A Pea In The Pod AG Jeans Legging

It’s always a good idea to invest in one or two pairs of quality maternity jeans that can give a great boost to your look. These maternity jeans from A Pea in the Pod will not disappoint you in terms of comfort, stretchability and durability and it comes with five pockets to carry your knick knacks around too.
Price: $215

7. Old Navy Maternity Low-Panel Skinny Jeans

Old Navy Maternity Low Panel Skinny Jeans

These maternity jeans have a great fit with a low panel band that makes moving around so comfortable, that people are sure to compliment and ask you where you got these maternity jeans from. It’s good Old Navy, alright. And ahem! Did you notice the price?
Price: $35

8. Motherhood Indigo Secret Fit Belly Maternity Jeans

Motherhood Indigo Secret Fit Belly Maternity Jeans

Considered an essential pair of maternity jeans to be owned if you are a mama-to-be looking for a comfy, flattering and a seriously affordable maternity jeans, brought to you by Motherhood.
Price: $29.98