Can Houseplants Improve Your Mood?

Many of us like to switch up the interiors in our home every once in a while to suit the changing seasons or to display new decor items we picked up during a recent vacation. Here’s an inexpensive, greener option to try — houseplants.

Houseplants Benefit Our Health

Do you remember learning about photosynthesis in grade school? Well, that’s what is at play when your indoor plants absorb the carbon dioxide you exhale and release oxygen. Some plants even continue this process through the night, to provide abundant oxygen as you sleep.

Various studies reemphasize something we already know, that houseplants can benefit our overall health. A study conducted by NASA shows that houseplants can eliminate nearly 87 percent of toxins in the air within as little as 24 hours.

Plants like the Boston fern, English ivy and the weeping fig might be able to remove harmful pollutants like benzene and formaldehyde, leaving you and your family with fresh, clean air.

Both indoor and outdoor plants may have the ability to positively impact the brain’s activity, relieve muscle tension and even support heart health.

Similar to the joy you feel when taking care of your family, there is a special joy involved in watching plants thrive. Apart from this joy, indoor plants have other benefits too like:

Five Popular Indoor Plants

Aloe vera

Can Houseplants Improve Your Mood?

If you doubt the power of your green thumb, try growing aloe vera. The plant is easy to care for and can thrive on minimal water and indirect sunlight. The gel from the leaves heals wounds and burns, while the plant itself is an air purifier.

Snake plant

Can Houseplants Improve Your Mood?

One of the plants known to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen even in the night, the snake plant is relatively easy to care for and is pretty indestructible. Needing water only once in a couple of weeks, this plant is great to place in the bedroom.


Can Houseplants Improve Your Mood?

You may have used lavender oils for aromatherapy or your DIY candle making projects, but have you considered placing this plant in your room? A lavender plant can add a pop of color, act as a natural room freshener and also enhance your sleep.


Can Houseplants Improve Your Mood?

Though not a very common indoor plant, eucalyptus can be added to your decor for various benefits; just make sure it gets enough sunlight and water. Eucalyptus oil is a popular cure for the common cold, asthma and chest congestion. Try tying a bunch of eucalyptus leaves in the shower for an all natural aromatic sauna.


Can Houseplants Improve Your Mood?

Indoor plants don’t have to be all green — you can easily add some color with anthuriums. Anthuriums bloom during winter and spring months, so you can place a plant with red blooms to complement your holiday decor.

Regardless of whether you live in a 2,000-square feet home or a 600-square feet apartment, a few indoor plants can easily spruce up your place and your mood.


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